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W tym szalenstwie jest metoda
W pewnym miescie w Chinach pani szalona chciala popelnic samobojstwo i zabic syna po tym, jak zostawil ja maz. Syn probowal powstrzymac ja przed zabiciem siebie, rzucil sie na noz, ale matka go pociela. W trakcie zadzwonila do ojca dziecka mowiac, ze jego syn jest juz martwy a ona niedlugo umrze.
Taki komentarz znalazlam na forum i trudno mi sie z nim nie zgodzic...
I recall a publication by Lancet a while ago claiming some 20% of the Mainland population requires psychological/psychiatric care and I tend to agree. Not that China is an isolated case, but magnitude of the problem in this country is staggering. If you don't buy it, just stop for smoke or coke in any heavy populated area of any of Chinese cities, have a puff or sip and observe the people around you. They are extremely busy with the irrelevant things which for them are the essence of their miserable existence. Talk to them. They will tell you the only one real value in life is money. There is no place for exploration, self development, creativeness, fulfillment, tranquility, care, love, art. No. There is only struggle to make more money. From street peddlers to senior corporate officials, they all act same. Again, worldwide, more and more people become like this, but nowhere is this so visible as in China. The first question after I do something, buy something, go somewhere my Chinese friends or family members ask is 'how much'. Not 'what is this book about' or 'how was the weather in Hawaii', no, first 'how much'. Sick country of sick people. And I don't blame the government. People have exactly the government they deserve. Every people, not just Chinese.
sobota, 08 czerwca 2013, aleksandra11

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